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Are your electricity bills too high?  Find a solution below.
There are two primary options when going solar:  LEASE or PURCHASE. 
Review the benefits listed below to see which you prefer.
$0 Down Lease
  • Pay zero upfront and reduce your electricity bill drastically

  • 25 years of warranty coverage, system monitoring, and full-service maintenance

  • Energy Production Guarantee

Prepaid Lease
  • Pay the entire lease amount upfront and get deep discounts

  • Enjoy no monthly solar payments

  • 25 years of warranty coverage, system monitoring, and full-service maintenance

Finance Purchase
  • You own the system and finance it through a loan with interest on approved credit. Pay nothing upfront

  • At the end of the loan you can enjoy free power from the sun

Cash Purchase
  • You own the solar system and get the greatest savings

  • Available state and federal tax credits

  • Increase your home's value dramatically

Our Process
Step 1 - Click Here 
You will be directed to our free quote page where you provide very basic information about your home and schedule an appointment with a certified solar energy advisor via phone, video conference, or in-person.
Step 2 - Consultation
During your appointment, our agent will evaluate more closely your energy usage and home, and he or she will determine if you are a good candidate for solar.  Our rep will then provide you with a solar savings plan.
solar no background.png
Step 3 - Installation
Once you have decided on the best energy savings plan we take care of the rest which includes: Design Plans, Permits, Installation, and Inspection. Your system may be operational in as little as three weeks!
Do I have to pay anything upfront?
Only if you want to.  Most choose the monthly lease or finance option where NOTHING is paid up front.  With a Cash purchase or prepaid lease you can pay a portion or the whole amount up front.  In either case, we pay for the permits and installation.
Will I still receive an electric bill
if I have solar? 
Possibly.  Many customers have very basic grid connection fees from their utility company.  Others receive credits or cash because of selling surplus, unused solar power to the utility company.  Gone are the days of high utility bills!
What happens if I sell my house?
The process is easy.  If you own your solar energy system, your solar house will sell at a premium.  Studies have shown that solar increases property values.  If you lease your system, you can transfer the lease agreement to the home's new owner and they will be grandfathered-in with the benefits you signed up for initially.
Ask us about our current promotions!
We love giving back to our neighbors in anyway we can. Ask us today about our current incentives and promotions!
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