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Should You Get a Solar Battery?

By: Jonathan Martine

With Solar Batteries becoming an increasingly popular addition to the solar panel system, many are wondering if adding a battery to their home is a good move. Let’s examine the reasons to see if a battery works for you.

How does a battery work with my solar panel system?

When you have solar without a battery, the excess energy your panels produce during the day gets sent to the grid. When It's dark outside and the panels stop producing energy, you buy back the excess energy you produced from the utility companies. With a battery, the excess energy your panels produce during the day go straight to the battery. Then when it is night and your panels aren’t producing, you can pull the excess energy you produced straight from your battery. The battery acts as a backup reserve for your extra solar power.


The batteries we offer are high quality and are used by well established brands.

Sol Power Solutions offers a battery produced by LG Chem, the chemical division of LG. LG Chem provides batteries for some of the world’s leading technology and automobile companies including Apple, Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, and many more. LG has a proven track record of safety. Adding a battery to your home provides the opportunity to future-proof your home. Even when the power in your neighborhood goes out, you will still be able to live comfortably.


As previously mentioned, without a battery, you have to buy back energy from the grid at night when your solar panels aren’t producing. Not only do you have to buy it back from the utility company, but you also have to buy it back at their rate, which is increasing at a national average of about 3%. During the evening times when most people are at home is also when electricity is most expensive. Without a battery, you have to buy that energy at a higher price than normal. With a battery, you are actually saving money. Batteries store excess energy during the day, when electricity is cheapest because most are out of the house working. So when it comes time at night to retrieve your excess energy, instead of getting it from the utilities at their expensive rate in the evenings, you get the energy straight from the battery when it was very inexpensive. Batteries also protect your vital appliances during an outage, which saves you from having to replace a fridge-full of food.


Just having solar by itself means that you will still have a big dependency on the utility companies because you have to be connected to the grid. A battery allows you to break free from utility companies by not only owning you power, but also storing your power. The battery is the final piece of the puzzle in your energy independence project.

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