With experience in technology dating back to 1996 our leadership team has always been at the forefront in providing the best products and services for thousands of customers across the United States.  Because of the boom in Solar Energy over the past few years it became clear that this is the technology of the present and the future.  With Patrick Aschmann CEO at the helm, Sol Power Solutions was formed with the express goal of offering the best residential Solar experience possible. 

Having a footprint in Arizona and Southern California we have established a network of dedicated Solar Energy Advisors and professionals.  We have partnered with the industry’s largest solar providers (i.e. SunRun, SunPower, SunNova, Titan, etc) to tailor the ideal system for each individual client.

About Us

Our Mission

To make "Going Solar" simple by connecting customers to solar providers in a straight-forward, understandable, easy, and fun manner.

Our Vision

Sol Power Solutions will be the first choice in the Residential Solar Industry sector.  Customers will choose to do business with Sol Power Solutions because we will make “Going Solar” simple.  We will help bridge the gap between customers and Solar Energy Providers by providing education and information in an easy-to-process manner. 


To accomplish this, we will continue to retain top-tier talent and highly skilled Solar Energy Advisors.  We will have an industry-leading employee development program and an environment where employees feel they have the tools and support to accomplish their professional goals.  We will always welcome challenges as we know they will make us better.  As we do this the team bond that we enjoy currently will only be strengthened.


Goals will become realities and dreams will become tangible pursuits in our path towards our vision.  Sol Power Solutions will expand market by market, all the while maintaining our reputation as the first and best choice for customers and employees alike.  “Making Solar Simple” will be more than a motto, it will be our legacy.

Patrick Aschmann - CEO

Patrick has served the technology industry for nearly a decade and is now spearheading the effort to make Sol Power Solutions' vision a reality.

"I enjoy helping people succeed and creating an environment for that success.  It's the people that make a company.  So I choose to invest in people who are committed to investing in themselves."

Silas Martine - Director of Operations

Silas began his experience as an Electronics Technician in 1996.  Subsequently, he enjoyed success on a national level in Sales and Employee Development in the wireless and mobile tech field.  And for nearly a decade he expanded his business ventures globally in partnership with Amazon.

“You cannot teach what you do not know and you cannot lead where you will not go!”


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