When you obtain a Solar System for your home through Sol Power Solutions™ we will donate $1000 to your child’s school or to a school of your choice!

Use the power of the sun to save money and put much needed cash in your school's pocket. 

Help a school get out of the red by going GREEN!

  • $1000 USD will be donated by Sol Power Solutions to a school of the customer’s choice

  • Promotion limited to Arizona and California Public Schools

  • Customer must mention "RedForEdGoesGREEN" during the proposal process.

  • Solar system must be greater than 6kW to be eligible for school donation

  • Donation is paid on the date of installation

  • Most but not all approved solar systems will qualify for the school donation.  Certain back-end thresholds must be met.  The customer will be informed at the time of the free proposal if the solar system will meet the basic requirements.

  • Promotion ends October 31st, 2019 11:59pm PST


How does this promotion work?

It's easy.  Fill out the Free Quote form online or call us at 1-800-647-6341.  When you lease a Solar System with no out of pocket expense or purchase a system outright through Sol Power Solutions we will set aside $1000 USD to be donated to a Public School of your choice in the state of Arizona or California.

Will the cost of my system go up to cover the school donation?

Not at all.  Sol Power Solutions is donating the money from our commission.  You will still get the best electricity rate possible.

Who is "Sol Power Solutions"?

We are an authorized agent for both SunRun and SUNPOWER.  Both of those companies are two of the nation's largest in the solar industry.  The system you will receive will be the best from either of those companies.  We are the agents that connect you the customer with the solar companies.  We make the process easy and get a commission from them for our work.  But for a limited time we are giving our commission to the school of your choice.

Why are you giving away such a large amount of money?

While we are neutral with the political issues that affect school funding and teacher pay we do appreciate the value of education.  We desire students and teachers to have the resources they need so they can flourish.  At the same time, "going solar" is extremely beneficial for the environment and it saves homeowners money.  So this promotion is a win-win for all involved.

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